My little girl is 3!!! (and a note about WHERE to take pictures)

These are all about my big girl turning three.  I think they pretty well capture the essence of what that means for Evyn.    I love these people and I love these photos of them.  The thing that I will love about them 15 years from now is not how perfectly coordinated my girls outfits were, it’s how perfectly they represent us in this season of life.  This is the playground we spent 1/3 of our week at.  We’ve walked here 100 times.  I’ve watched Evyn for hours on these swings (and Ellis swing for the first time in these very pictures)!  Evyn grew from baby to toddler to little girl before my eyes in that swing.  I had one of my first “mom of two/ anything goes” moments when I let Evyn play with no shoes on the ramp.  (Pictured below taking her shoes off as she does every time now.)  It’s not the prettiest playground.  There aren’t beautiful waterfalls or flowers; just us in our element.  So when you ask me where we should take pictures, and I in turn ask YOU where we should take pictures, just know it’s not because I don’t have any ideas.  It’s because YOU are the expert on YOU.  I want to capture your family as they are, as you will remember them, where you do life with them. 

Lauren M - August 6, 2014 - 7:47 pm

Great post!

LONG overdue update on my life.

So….I have been absent from my blog most of the year.  Life with my toddler and work doesn’t leave much extra time to show my work on this blog.  However, now that I’ve had another baby I just HAD to make some time to show her off.  So here she is….. Ellis Ann Duke and her big sister Evyn.  (I promise to do a huge post with all of the best from my 2013 sessions.  Soon…ish.)